Jennifer K. Siemon

I am currently an Elementary ESE teacher in Palm Beach County. I am a native of West Palm Beach and a product of the Palm Beach County school system. I graduated from Florida State University, where I earned a Master’s Degree in Exceptional Student Education. I have worked for the Palm Beach County school system for the past sixteen years.

As an educator for many years, I have seen many changes in the elementary classroom. One thing that has remained unchanged is all children have learning strengths and weaknesses. I have dedicated my career to helping students strengthen their areas of weakness through multi-modal, differentiated instruction. I work hard to break tasks down so learners can make sense of concepts. I encourage my clients to believe in their abilities and learn from their mistakes. In a respectful, professional and patient way, I allow students to realize their own potential as a learner.


  • Subject: Reading/Math Grades 1 -6
  • Monday – Friday 3:30 – 6:30
  • Weekends will be considered