Jennifer Karvaski

Upon graduating college from Northeastern University in Boston, I moved to Palm Beach County and began teaching 2nd grade. Since then my experience has included teaching various elementary school grade levels, small group tutorial sessions and one on one tutoring. I have also had experience doing editorial work for a media company, which strengthened my skills as a writing teacher.

I am currently teaching fourth grade in a dual-language program. My students have been learning subjects in both English and Spanish since kindergarten. I enjoy learning from them just as much I enjoy teaching them! My yearly evaluations are excellent and my teaching has been rated highly effective. Most recently, I was recognized by the state of Florida as a High Impact Teacher; meaning that over the past three years, my student test scores have shown that my impact on student learning has been among the most positive in the state.

I look forward to working with your child, building their confidence, and showing them just how successful they can be!