Maria Curreri


My name is Maria Curreri, and I am an Italian-American from New York City. I have a BA in Italian Language and Civilization from Hunter College in New York (Summa Cum Laude). I have 17 years of experience teaching Italian to private students. I have taught in language schools and worked at The Leona & Marcy Chanin Language Center at Hunter College for two years. I currently teach Intermediate Italian in the adult education program at Palm Beach Central Community High School in Wellington. Please review my resume for a more detailed teaching history. I studied in Italy four semesters with continuous scholarships. I am passionate about the beautiful and melodic Italian language, and patient when I teach it.

I chose to major in Italian after my first study abroad trip to Pescara, Italy. I immediately fell in love with the language and wanted to speak, read and write it fluently. When I was taking beginner level courses and looking for tutoring, there were only French and Spanish tutors at the language center at Hunter College. I wanted to make a difference at Hunter College, so when I had advanced to higher level courses, I began working as the first Italian tutor in the Language Center. This experience has led me to many wonderful years of tutoring pupils in Italian.

Like music, math, reading and other subjects, learning a second language is a progressive process. It is important to build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of the language in order to succeed. I would love to share this passion and commitment with others who need and want to learn Italian. Whether you are studying Italian for school, work or pleasure, I can help you achieve your goals. I also tutor reading, writing and English Language Arts K-6 and ESOL.