Picking The Right Tutor

Your kid is struggling in school. You’ve tried staying up with them to help them with their schoolwork. Fact is, school these days can be challenging and many parents don’t know how to help them succeed. Learning is a delicate process and sometimes it does not happen instantly. Patience is a virtue for parents as well as educators.

Finding a place where kids feel safe, nurtured, encouraged and empowered is what you look for in a tutoring company. At Cender Scholars, they pride themselves on going above & beyond what is expected of them. They genuinely care about their students and give one-on-one attention as to make sure our kids succeed.

It’s taken me a while to know what to look for when choosing educators to help my child. Here are some successful tools I’ve found useful in finding the perfect match. I like to call them the 4 R’s:

  • Real – lessons are authentic, concrete, and understandable.
  • Relevant – lessons relate to the students’ life experiences and are relatable.
  • Rigorous – lessons tackle the problem areas the student is having difficulty with and helping them not view them as hurdles.
  • Relationships – tutors develop a trusting work environment that encourages the student to succeed.

It’s important to know whether or not your child understands the lesson and are grasping what is being taught. Quizzes are the traditional way of concluding that but it can be intimidating to a child, especially since they’re outside of the school environment. You want to make this a fun, educational time for the child to gain confidence in their work as to reach their maximum potential. If they view this session as another class in school they’re likely to be discouraged and disinterested.

An informal way that Cender Scholars have helped peek my child’s interest is switching roles; having the students teach the lesson back to them. One of the many tasks as a tutor is to maintain the motivation and interest of the student. If the lesson for the day is conceptualized as a puzzle or problem, the students are much more likely to be engaged. The objectives become clear to them, and their work takes on more meaning. Plus, there is a good deal of satisfaction and pride that comes with solving a problem.

A crucial aspect in looking for the right tutor is attitude. You look for educators with enthusiasm and a passion for working with your students. Excitement is infectious. If your students see you come to tutoring sessions every day with a smile on your face, and they feel like you are happy to see them, they will be much more responsive to you. With Cender Scholars, they did an incredible job matching my child with a qualified and relatable tutor.

In the end, it’s the way your child leaves that session that will directly impact their success. If your child feels like they are heard, that they are appreciated and that they are encouraged the sky is the limit. You’d be amazed what a tutor can do for a child, and I have firsthand experience in telling you it’s worth it.