Susan Moldow

In addition to working with students in the U.S. on test preparation for the past 20 years, I have helped students internationally to improve their SAT and ACT scores. I love teaching my students and being a student. I have a Masters in Education from the University of Maryland, and a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University. I am also presently pursuing graduate studies in American Literature. Please see my attached resume for additional information about my experience with and passion for helping students attain success on college admission testing as well as in their other academic subjects. I have also worked with students on their reading, writing, and math skills (in general) inside and outside of public and private middle and high school classrooms over the past 20 years.

In one to two hour sessions or short or long term group classes, I teach study skills in reading, writing, and math as well as strategy and “short-cuts” through timed practice problems, mock full length tests, and daily homework in all areas of the ACT and SAT (as well as SSAT/ISEE and some SAT Subject Tests). Homework assignments and meetings are efficient and are structured to reinforce concepts and skills at progressive levels of difficulty; assignments can be tailored to each day of the week, and according to a student’s time, strengths, and challenges. I enjoy creating a personalized study skills and test preparation plan for each of my students; I believe that my responsiveness to their individual personalities and needs can help my students to maximize their school success and score results.