Akeel Omairi


I’m a PhD candidate and GTA in the Department of Mathematical Science at Florida Atlantic University. Throughout every stage of my academic career, I have been actively involved in teaching others. My experiences vary from tutoring undergraduate students as “the first rank student” to teaching college courses as an instructor in Mathematics Department.
When I teach a class, my instructional style is a hybrid of traditional and cooperative elements motivated by a strong commitment to learning. In the traditional sense, I deliver clear, well-planned lectures to my students and give them feedback on their work in the forms of regular graded homework assignments, quizzes, and exams. In the cooperative sense, I encourage students to work with their peers both in and outside the classroom.
One of my responsibilities as a GTA in FAU is tutoring. I’m selected “Tutor of the year” by the Math Learning Center at FAU. I love tutoring and I consider it as a challenge for me, because at the end I want to know that my tutees understood everything, not only that but I want to see their success in quizzes and exams.