Daniel Alexander


Everyday I have the privilege of standing before the students of John I. Leonard High School. In English instruction, collaboration is essential and one of my deepest regrets is that the number of students I get to teach precludes extensive one on one time. Tutoring is such a great way to complement classroom learning and represents an opportunity for growth through relationship. My background as a formal classroom teacher includes time as both a Reading and English teacher at the high school level. I also served as an Aftercare counselor at Delray’s Morikami Park Elementary and Highland Park Elementary, in Texas, and was able to assist students during Homework time. My passion for the English language and belief in the four pillars of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking animate even the most reluctant students. Empathy, humor, and determination are powerful tools to break through the walls of apathy and insecurity. I spent a semester as a one on one for a student with Down syndrome and gained a greater appreciation for the mental, emotional and behavioral nature of all student learning. Every student is capable of significant learning when attitude is addressed and curiosity is encouraged. I am certified in Elementary Education K-6 and High School English. I stand prepared to assist with ACT/SAT prep (having taught it as a stand alone course and as part of a broader curriculum) as well as English and the various standards. My Spanish was sufficient to garner a 5 on the AP Lang test, and I can help with that also. I have experience with Tai Chi and Creative Writing as well. My desire is to help where I can.


Flexible availability for tutoring from West Palm to Boca