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Getting Into a Good College in a “Test-optional” World

Guess what? Hundreds of colleges are no longer making the submission of SAT & ACT test scores MANDATORY. Even schools like George Washington University are jumping on the test-optional bandwagon. But does it mean that testing is no longer important? No way. In fact, charting a map to college admissions success has never been more essential.

Getting Into a Good College in a “Test-Optional” World

According to the experts at Cender Scholars, “Test-optional is really a benefit for universities as it increases their diversity of students. Standardized test scores are more often than not still required for the majority of schools. Additionally, kids need to be well-rounded, invested in their communities, and taking challenging classes until the end of senior year.”

So you need a plan. And the sooner the better.


SAT test with pencil and mortar board graduation cap

According to one of Cender Scholars’ top SAT/ACT tutors, Danielle Haber, “To successfully apply to colleges, students should really start thinking about the coursework required of the universities they seek after high school. They need to plan and map out high school courses with the college they would like to attend in mind.”

Therefore, you might want to consider making those college visits in 8th grade versus senior year. Furthermore, Haber stated, “Many universities require more than the local state graduation requirements. From freshman year, students need to be involved in school and community activities as well as rigorous coursework. College entrance is very competitive now, and students should participate in activities curricular and extracurricular, that make them stand out to admissions officers.

This is where you should bring in the experts.

Cender Scholars has easy-to-book college prep coaches, who will help you and your child create a solid plan for college admissions including the SAT/ACT (optional or not). They can also help build up your child’s extracurriculars. Cender Scholars offers a plethora of options to round out your child’s activities outside of school, ranging from Italian lessons to learning to be proficient playing the saxophone. They are available to Boca moms and beyond with a touch of a button and you can book right online via your phone or computer. It’s never been easier.

Their tutors will even COME TO YOU. Sorry for all the caps, but these conveniences are worth shouting out online!

As we all know mamas, preparation is key…and it’s never too early to start thinking about our kids getting into a good college…”test-optional” or not!