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I am a second year MA student at FAU working on my 3rd degree, in Multi-Cultural Literature.

email: erica@cenderscholars.com

Hello. This is my story.

I am a second year MA student at FAU working on my 3rd degree, in Multi-Cultural Literature. I write something called Ecocriticism, which means I analyze literature for the ways that characters (or the author) engage with elements in the environment and develop on theory about what might mean as it relates to our cultural understanding of identity groups across time. What it means, as it relates to my teaching strengths, is that I see everything in terms of complex systems and can identify elements of learning/working that are serving my students, and those that are not. I work from the position of this understanding to help them identify and build on their specific learning/working technique. I am located in Boca and am available to teach from Boynton to Coconut Creek most weekdays and afternoons.

I believe that organization, reading for understanding, and an appropriate implementation of the practical applications in language arts create confident students. This confidence pays forward in dividends of intellectual curiosity and student investment in their own scholastic performance. My role in this process is specifically tailored to the students’ pre-existing strengths and their own evaluations of the areas they would like to see growth. No two students are the same, and in my experience, no two learning solutions are the same either. This holds true whether I am working with a student in elementary school or teaching in a college writing classroom. While performance at the assignment level should improve, based on this engagement, I am always aiming at an overall growth in academic understanding. Our time together should impart learning skills the student should transfer into the fabric of their identity as a student, an identity that should fill them with confidence and empowerment to achieve their goals.


  • Pending Masters of Arts in English
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
  • Experience working with students at all levels
  • Available Boynton-Coconut Creek Most Weekdays and Afternoons