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Lynn Ash

Everyone learns differently and I explore options with all students, so we can find our way to success.

email: erica@cenderscholars.com

Hello. This is my story.

Hello! My name is Lynn Ash and I absolutely love working with students of all ages and capabilities. Everyone learns differently and I explore options with all students, so we can find our way to success. After earning my BA in history, I knew that I wanted to continue my education with a master’s degree in reading education as it would bring me much joy to see a child’s eyes light up as they discover how to read. Reading is complicated and many students struggle with comprehension well into high school. I enjoy learning new things, so I continually devour new information on how our brain learns. I soon discovered that my students needed to understand how they learn, so they will be successful. I worked in a high school in Broward County as a reading teacher and reading coach for fifteen years. We focused on students who were struggling to pass the graduation reading requirement. Thankfully, the state of Florida allows students to get a concordant score on the SAT or ACT to meet this requirement. I immediately dug into these assessments in regards to the reading, English and writing sections. After reading the big SAT practice book that College Board published, I began taking the reading and English sections of the test, so I could understand the essence of these tests. I learned not only to teach my students how to comprehend the reading and English passages, but also where to look for and navigate the time stealer and confusing questions. Teaching test prep skills is much more than knowing the correct answer. It is knowing how to take the test.


  • Tutor test prep: SAT, ACT, SSAT, GRE and FSA in reading, English and writing
  • Tutor Writing: college essays, English assignments
  • Available to tutor in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Parkland and Zoom
  • BA in history
  • Masters in Reading Education
  • Former reading teacher/reading coach in Broward County
  • Tutoring for over 20 years
  • Elected reading and ESE department head by my peers
  • Curriculum writer for HMH, textbook publishers
  • Former adjunct instructor at FAU
  • Co-investigator with associate professors at FAU in regards to the summer slide
  • Presented our research in several refereed national conferences