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Marisa Schnirman

I enjoy helping students uncover what works best for them while guiding them to become a more competent and joyful learner.

email: erica@cenderscholars.com

Hello. This is my story.

Learning involves so much more than acquiring skills and knowledge. It involves a positive mindset, strong habits of mind and the understanding that the keys to being a successful learner are unique and personal. I enjoy helping students uncover what works best for them while guiding them to become a more competent and joyful learner.

Each student brings their own identity and culture into their learning. Getting to know and understand how a student learns best and building a positive relationship is essential for progress. Your child should bring their whole identity into our learning space. Self confidence and authentic achievement can be obtained for every student through the development of persistence, stamina, flexible thinking, and the knowledge of how to use multiple strategies to face challenges. When students are well supported and understand how to learn they become more accountable and make strong improvements in and out of school. I am very excited about the opportunity to work with you and your child.

All subjects in grades pre-K- Five, can assist with establishing routines, executive functioning, accomplishing tasks, setting priorities, skill development and all aspects involved in being a responsible, independent and competent learner, homework help. I am also available to help develop a homeschool curriculum, schedule and sign off on annual homeschool evaluations.

I am a Florida certified teacher in elementary and exceptional student education. I have over 28 years of experience as an educator and have been an administrator and teacher in public, private, Tribal and homeschool settings. I am currently working toward a PhD in Curriculum, Culture and Educational Inquiry at Florida Atlantic University. My main goal is to meet the learner where they are and to uncover and enhance their true gifts in order to elevate their learning and their success. I believe every student can learn and grow from where they are now. I have vast experiences in working with children, their family and their teachers and can join you in advocating for your child and increasing their success. I can meet virtually, in your home, in a local library or at a place of your choosing in the West Palm Beach area.


  • ESE Certified
  • West Palm Beach area
  • Pre- K-5 All subject areas
  • Executive Functioning
  • Homeschool curriculum planning and evaluations