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Incredible asset for my son!

Cender Scholars has proven to be an incredible asset for my son. His confidence has been boosted and he came home with a his first A! Proud mom right here!

Only two weeks to see improvement!

My daughter had been struggling with her math work. I hired a Cender Scholar and in just 2 weeks I saw my daughter not only improve her grades but seem to enjoy doing her homework! Thanks to Cender Scholars I don’t need to pretend I know what I’m doing when I help her with her homework


Thanks for all your help!

Cender Scholars has made all the difference for my kids! My wife and I haven’t seen our kids so focused on school work in ages. Thanks for all your help!

The Cender Scholars Philosophy

Each child learns differently and at a different pace, which makes it our goal to find the best learning environment for our students. Our primary goal is to help our students increase their academic achievement. Above all, we want to build confidence in our students as we teach them with a personalized educational plan. As Cender Scholars, we will guide students to help develop organizational and study skills, while helping them cultivate self‐ discipline and self‐confidence about their academic abilities. Our scholars will be guiding students as they look to us to reinforce their learning skills. Upon their very first tutoring session, our tutors will be creating an individual educational plan with each specific child.

Our Subjects

At Cender Scholars, we are prepared to tutor your children from elementary school through high school and onto college. Check out all of our subjects below.

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