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Erica Cender is the founder and C.E.O. of Cender Scholars. She received a M.A. Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida.

While working as an educator in the Palm Beach County School district, she has followed her passion for helping children to succeed in school by creating Cender Scholars. A company that can help match outstanding tutors to students of all ages and needs.

Erica has been rated a highly effective teacher for the Palm Beach County School District. She was recently recognized by the state of Florida as a High Impact Teacher; meaning that over the past three years, her student test scores have shown that her impact on student learning has been among the most positive in the state.

Contact Erica at erica@cenderscholars.com

Each child learns differently and at a different pace, which makes it our goal to find the best learning environment for our students. Our primary goal is to help students increase their academic achievement. Above all, we want to build confidence in our students and teach them with a personalized educational plan. At Cender Scholars, we guide students to help develop organizational and study skills, while helping them cultivate self-discipline and self-confidence. Our instructional scholars guide students as they learn important self-advocacy skills and build upon their academic abilities. During a student’s very first tutoring session, our tutors create an individual educational plan with each student.

In addition, Cender Scholars prepares students for standardized or achievement tests, as well as assisting students to form a positive personal relationship with school and their learning. In many cases private tutoring can make a vital difference in passing or failing. Since tutoring sessions vary from 1-3 hours per week for a student, it is crucial that tutors focus on aligning their tutoring sessions with the content that students are learning in their classrooms. Our tutors serve as well-prepared, competent, academically accomplished adults on whom your children can depend and look to for academic help.

Cender Scholars also recognizes the importance of keeping an open line of communication with teachers and parents. Our goal is to work diligently with your student and school to complete your child’s team. The Cender Scholars team is excited to see your child succeed! The connections our tutors will make on their very first tutoring session with the students is crucial.

As educators, we know it is imperative to develop trust with your child and create a comfortable and safe learning environment. Our scholars pay special attention to your children’s learning style, particular strengths and weaknesses, and motivation.

Above all, it is our motto to simply, teach with passion!