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Private Coaching in Boca: Why It’s Important for a Child

Now that I’m working in a school on a regular basis, I’m learning very quickly how the road to getting into a good college as a student is not only paved with a great education and innovative programs, but a solid foundation of extracurricular activities. Whether your child chooses sports, music/theater, languages or art, I’m realizing it really can’t hurt to set your child up for success by getting them some private coaching in Boca.

A coach you say? Yes! These qualified teaching professionals don’t only apply to athletics anymore.

Let’s say your child needs assistance with their music lessons or study. There’s a coach for that. What about specialized sports training? There’s a coach for that.

Our friends at Cender Scholars have easy-to-book private coaches available to Boca moms and beyond with a touch of a smartphone button. And they will come to YOU. You can book online via your phone or computer. It’s that easy!

Why Private Coaching in Boca for Your Child is a Valuable Investment

In addition to the extracurriculars themselves, Cender Scholars says there are so many additional benefits to getting your child involved in afterschool activities. Here are just a few:

Learning Time Management
How to Prioritize
Getting Involved in Diverse Interests
Learning About Long Term Commitments
Making a Contribution
Building Relationship Skills

Did you know that a six month study conducted in France showed that musical training had increased reading and verbal comprehension among children who previously never had any musical experience? Yet another reason to expose your child to various extracurriculars.


adorable child happy to make activities extracurricular

Once you’ve exposed your child to different options, setting them up with the right training for success is the next logical step. While it might get old (real fast) playing chauffeur to all of these activities, try to keep in mind that you are investing in your Boca kid’s future success. And don’t forget, Cender Scholars comes to YOU, so you can leave your car keys at home and kick your feet up!
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